Ex Nilalang is a cumulative moving image project by Australian-Filipino collective Club Ate, founded by multidisciplinary video and performance artists, Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra. Three episodes were created in 2015 and ACMI and Blacktown Arts Centre have co-commissioned the fourth for Asia TOPA, Melbourne and Balik Bayan, Sydney.  

Ex Nilalang reimagines urban mythologies and traditional Filipino folklore as narratives of resistance and celebration. The work seeks to transform existing Filipino mythologies that were once used to demonise queer identities by colonial powers. ‘Nilalang’, which means both ‘to create’ and ‘creature’, describes the work’s transformation of existing mythologies and its imagining of future folklore. The artists draw from their own narratives, lived experiences and personal relationships to forge new connections between queer, migrant, spiritual and intercultural experiences.

This latest video portrait a collaboration with Tristan Jalleh with a score by Corin Ileto, will also screen alongside the first three episodes BaludDyesebel and Lolo ex Machina in ACMI’s cinemas as part of its regular ART+FILMprogram on Wednesday 1 March at 6:30pm, followed by a conversation with Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra.

On Thursday 2 March, Justin and Bhenji will host Club Ate, a hybrid party event featuring live performances, video work and music.