C A R R \ ON


Tonight’s forecast, increasing clouds, mind fog ~ routine escape. 

A feeling of portent in the lower hemisphere>>>>>>

A high pressure system of wealth and power with a focus on efficiency /././././ 

A 50% chance of clearing, although we see here a high chance of collapse

A cold front producing severe weather *coral bleaching* 

A self eating system 

Potential for new fascist leadership

But also a shift in consciousness. 
Familial communion

Life and death. 

Through gleaning bones, a figure of contradictory and constantly shifting pluralities emerges. This figure constructs languid reflections of the natural through a detritus of celluloid reproduction. Cursed by ghosts of romanticism and nostalgia, Carrion is in the throes of forced evolutionary acceleration. Can they uncover secrets to their survival? Scattered with clues to this speculative future, the performance space becomes an archaeological site for a cybernetic demigod struggling with the symbiosis of its distinctly unique character. Never quite human, only ever Frankenstein: a ghost of the west, a virus, a trickster, or a prehistoric bird. 


Carrion / 8 Min excerpt (full length 45mins)


Keep Calm and Carrion, Runway Conversations  / Emma Maye Gibson

CARRION: Magnificent Mutancy, realtime  / Cleo Mees

Carrion: The Intimacy of strangeness / Alison Croggon


2018 Helpmann Awards Nominee for Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production


25-28 October 2017 : Liveworks, Performance Space, Sydney

27-30 June, 2018 : Artshouse, Melbourne


October 2019 - Theatre Kampnagel, Hamburg, DE

October 2019 - Fierce Festival, UK

November 2019 - MAI, Montreal Arts Interculturels



Lead Artist Justin Shoulder
Composer Corin Ileto
Mentor + Co-choreographer Victoria Hunt
Costume & Set Design Matthew Stegh & Justin Shoulder
Costume & set design assistance Anthony Aitch, Marty Jay, Nick Wishart
Lighting Design Benjamin Cisterne
Sound Mastering Bob Scott
Stage & Production Manager Amber Silk
Sound and Lighting Operator Emily Moffatt

Special thanks to: 
Matthew Stegh, Zephyr Jay-Stegh, The Myer Foundation, Critical Path, Su Goldfish, Mark Mitchell, Readymade Studios, Performance Space