Free shifting celestial spirit seeks same. 

Cyber-Tone Femme 4 Post-primordial Avian 

Ready to host: Interspecies Inter-relations

Paradise World Order  ~ Pulse Sent. 



Co-devised and Performed by Justin Shoulder & Bhenji Ra
Director of Photography: Bonnie Elliot
Camera Assistant: Michael Filocamo
Composer: Nick Wales
Editing & Visual Effects: Bec Stegh
Costume Design: Justin Shoulder, Matt Stegh & Bhenji Ra
Makeup: Mat Hornby
Bestboy: Jackson Stacy

Commissioned by Artbank for the series 'Performutations' curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham



by Binghao Wong /  http://www.re-bel.co/re-think/cornucopia-the-killjoys-last-dance/